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desk too thick for monitor mount

Close. Depending on personal preference the monitor can be placed in a … While this does cost additional, they look much better than the brackets mentioned above. These were designed to make height adjustments a lot simpler. Some common places are behind the stock monitor stand, or hidden behind a panel that isn’t part of the monitor stand. Hover series post mount does a good job managing thick wires 7. They tend to only route a portion of the wires, leaving you with a partial wire management solution. To achieve good working conditions, the monitor arm is … There are even heavy capacity post systems made for large LCD TV’s. Monitor bounce is an inherent issue with monitor arms. If you are someone who is a hard typer or viscious with the mouse, changing your habits might be the only solution. The problem could be the opposite, having a grommet now, but moving to a desk that doesn’t have one. 1. The two most commonly used mounts for computer monitor arms are the clamp and grommet. The last problem that we’ve found with monitor arms is how they mount to your desk. We make every attempt to provide accurate pricing at time of publishing. The first thing I tell customers, is that unless you’re in a shared work environment, monitors should be a set it and forget it scenario. The second option would be to add (or if your desk already has it, supplement) a cross support under the desk between the back to legs. Pricing on the Learning Center is for reference only. This mount also provides the options of setting the monitor arm up with a C-clamp or a mountable grommet for desks that are up to 3.25” thick. Some of these systems will have a grab bar; this eliminates the issue of touching the monitors. In order to provide proper ergonomics, you will need to bring the monitors closer to your eyes. When we look at the best solution for a monitor arm, my first suggestion is looking at a quality monitor arm. The … Because the majority of computer monitor arms offer full tilt and pan capabilities, they can have issues as the monitor becomes too wide. One of the biggest issues is finding a monitor that is VESA compliant. An intermediate option is to use a clamp-style mount, which attaches the riser pole or arm to the side of the desk. Most of the time the arm will become similar to what is used on wall mounts for televisions. I don’t want to drill a hole in said desk, and the clamp requires minimum of 3 and 1/2 inches to tighten the knob. #5: Mount-It Monitor Mount – Best Triple Monitor Mount. Trying to get the monitors to properly line up, with the same height and tilt can be an annoyance. Having a VESA compliant monitor means that it comes with standard mounting holes on the back of the monitor. Archived. Most monitor arms are mounted with compact C clamps or grommet mounts. Monitors will have two wires, a power wire and the video plug. Some desks come with these holes. Even when monitor arms include wire management, they still leave a good portion of the wires exposed. Post systems will mount on the desk and provide a solid mount for the monitor. If you don’t need to tie the monitor arm directly to your desk, you can look at wall mount systems. Extending the arm out this far from the post will naturally cause bounce issues. 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Keeping your monitor as close to the post will eliminate the bounce that is exaggerated the further you push away from the post. Monitor arm for a thick desk. I haven’t found there is  real consistency across the major monitor brands for VESA holes on their monitors. Obviously as … With a lot of monitor manufacturers switching over to LED solutions, weight isn’t as big of an issue as it used to be. When I started in 2005, I quickly realized that while this was normal for me, it wasn’t the case for the masses. If you decide to go with a cheap, flimsy monitor arm, this problem will be noticed more than a high quality product. Sure I could have used pieces of board to sandwich my desk but then it would look tacky. Like mentioned above, if you’re in a shared work environment or like to make frequent adjustments, this becomes a bigger issue. How or where can I get a longer (higher) post for the dual arms? Close. A clamp mount is a C clamp that attaches to the edge of a surface. If you are using a 22” LED monitor, chances are you won’t have a weight issue. If you find a monitor arm that does a good job with wire management, make sure it is capable of holding thick power cables. If you exceed the weight limit for the arm, there is a good chance you will notice your monitors slowly drop. Using lightweight monitors like LED’s are the best solution for reducing the weight of your monitor. Monitor arm for a thick desk. If you have two monitors, the wire situation doubles and becomes an even greater eye sore. Peripherals. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. One of the benefits of a monitor arm is that they free up your desk space. You’re better off using a grommet and placing it in the middle of the desk, at a distance you would place a single stand alone monitor with the original base. Once a monitor becomes too wide, the leverage created from the weight outside this connection point creates issues. The desk only has a lip of 1 5/8 inches. You can mount it on desk edges that are up to 4” thick thanks to its robust and adjustable C-clamp. Dual Monitor Mount | Double Monitor Desk Stand | Two Heavy Duty Full Motion Adjustable Arms Fit 2 Computer Screens 17 19 20 21 22 24 27 Inch | VESA 75 100 | C-Clamp and Grommet Base, Mount-It! Looking through the specs you should be able to find out if it is VESA compliant. If you’re using dual monitors and plan on making a lot of height adjustments, especially for standing desk users, I would suggest looking at systems that move in unison. How to mount dual monitors on 5" thick desk. I installed it anyway and noticed the stress on the edge of the desk where I had my clamp installed. If you find out your monitor isn’t VESA compliant, they do make aftermarket brackets that you can add to your monitor. Routing the wires down the arm will help reduce the clutter, keeping a uniform look. The problem for me is, my desk is 4″ thick, and nearly every desk clamp-mount monitor stands max out at ~3 or 3.5 inch maximum thickness. I'm looking for a single monitor arm/mount. It is something that be can be tough to completely eliminate, with so many different variables. Greg Knighton When customers call us at we typically do a quick search of the brand + model #. If you’ve been in the market for a standing desk, there is a good chance you’ve read about my obsession with stability. If you need height adjustment, these aren’t always the best option. A clamp mount will give you better flexibility, especially if you want to move your monitor arm. Depending on the depth of the desk and your eyesight, you could potentially pull them forward 12”-18”. These adjustments can include height, pan and tilt. Weight Capacity (M001S), Black by WALI, EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand - Height Adjustable Desk Monitor Mount Fits for 2 Computer Screens 17 to 32 inches - Each Arm Holds up to 17.6 lbs, Join Prime to save $14.00 more on this item, WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount Fits 2 Screens up to 27 inch, 22 lbs. How To Set Up An Ergonomically Correct Office Space, Top 6 Reasons To Buy An Ergonomic Keyboard Tray, Top 7 Problems & Solutions For Keyboard Trays, Top 3 Problems After Buying Ergonomic Office Furniture, How Proper Ergonomics In The Workplace Reduces Employers’ Cost, How to Set Up a Secure Network in Your Home Office, 6 Reasons Why The Open Office Should Be Eliminated, Lighting Ergonomics: Protect Your Eyes at the Office, 11 Best Standing Desk Converters for 2020.

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